Saturday, September 12, 2009


Okay. I haven't been the best blogger, but MAN the summer went by fast!!!! Now, it is September, and here is a summarized version of our summer:

1. LOTS of tennis
2. LOTS of running
3. An awesome 4th of July weekend with good friends at the lake
4. An ENGAGEMENT! Congrats to M & C!
5. A wicked engagement party
6. A new canine member of the fam, welcome Dunky!
7. Two new humans in the fam, congrats to J & R, welcome A! Congrats to K & S, welcome E!

I don't have pictures to post yet, but they will come. Hope you all are well, pictures to follow!

Personally, I decided that running a marathon was suicidal, so we have opted for the much more reasonable half marathon in Baltimore with my sisters. Then I will run the 10K for the Marine Corps weekend. 6.2 miles or 26.1? That was a hard choice. :-)