Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Makeover

WHAT??? Two posts in one night? I know, its getting out of hand :-)

Here it is, my first MOSTLY complete room that I am proud of. I started at 1:30pm on Friday and as I sit here typing about my great feat it is 9:45 on Sunday night.

So what was the project? On the second floor of our 1983 (a very excellent year, BTW) townhouse we have a full bathroom that has not been touched since 1983. As you will see the vanity is perfect for a child or small person, but is quite short for anyone of normal stature. The walls were builder's white which matched the tile and the tub perfectly. Without further ado, I give you the before:

Here is the vanity. Notice how the wood toilet paper holder doesn't match the wood vanity? Love it.

Here we have the view from the hallway into the bathroom. The walls, tile and tub all match. I love a good matchy matchy, but this was too much for me:

Another view from the hallway in, this time noting how the wall also seems to match the toilet....

AND FOR THE BIG REVEAL.................

This is from the hallway looking in, the walls are now a tan (its hard to tell because they look the same with the light.) The vanity has been painted a greenish blue color to go with the shower curtain in the next picture. The vanity top is a work in progress, we need to check out the local restore to see what kind of options we have. We also have some hardware to attach to the vanity doors, but apparently none of the drill bits we own are in the house.

It is easier to see the wall color in this picture against the floor and tub which are white. This shower curtain is one we already had.
Finally - my favorite part of the whole project, my DIY art. I started with some yard sale pictures frames:
And painted them the same color as the vanity. We then went to the fabric store where Neil found a stack of similarly colored fabric swatches being sold 10 for $1.99, which went into my picture frames like so:

And I had six frames, so here is my little art collection!
There are a few more things to do before it is totally complete. I would like to create a frame for the mirror so that it looks a little more custom. I am also going to replace the shower head which is original to the house and a lot like showering under a fire hose. Other than that we only need to attach the hardware and we have a totally updated bathroom in roughly 48 hours!

The only bummer is that as I sat on the floor painting my picture frames, I look casually to my right and saw this:
And then I looked farther down the hallway and realized ALL of the trim on the second floor looks like this. I guess we will be adding trim painting to the list.......

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